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Water Gardening

The sight and sound of water has always drawn the interest of people. Water adds an appealing element to a garden. Water gardens include waterfalls, small ponds and elaborate combinations of rockwork and lighting. Basically, a water garden is just a pool of water that is home to plants and possibly fish and other water creatures. Perhaps the most important consideration in water gardening is to choose the right spot. Most aquatic plants and fish need plenty of sun, so a site that gets 6-8 hours of direct sun is best. Choose a site away from tall shrubs and trees for best light and to prevent the accumulation of leaf debris. MORE…

Planting Aquatics

Planting Aquatic Plants Planting Aquatic Plants Gardening with aquatics is similar to other forms of gardening in Plant_11that you have to be aware of proper soil conditions, kinds of containers, proper planting techniques, fertility needs, and after planting care. What makes water gardening unique is that the plants you grow are growing in a water filled environment. Things like water depth, water temperature and what to do with plants during the winter now become a consideration. MORE…

Algae in ponds

Algae Problems in Water Gardens Algae problems in water gardens are generally Algae_11caused by the action of the sun and excess nutrients (bad bacteria) in the water. If ponds are established properly and balanced with the correct ratio of plants, fish, algae control and algae problems are not difficult to control. Using the proper filter system and adding good bacteria will greatly reduce algae from your pond. If you do not use proper filtration and add good bacteria, green water conditions will exist for about 3-4 weeks but will clear as the water equalizes. MORE…

Getting your pond winterized

When water lilies and other vegetation in your pond are slowing their growth and starting to fade they are getting ready for dormancy. Time to start preparing our ponds for winter and our fish for their long winter’s nap. Transplanting and dividing of your pond plants should be left until foliage from marginal plants. marginal plants should be cut down after the first frost. In areas where the water lily beetle is prevalent, they love nothing better than the dying foliage of your marginal plants where they can hide for the winter. MORE…

Water Plants

Here is a list of some water plants Amazon lily, Arrowhead, Blue pickerel weed, Canna, Cardinal flower, Cattail, Duckweed, Egyptian paper reed, Fairy moss, Houttuynia, iris, Lotus, Marsh marigold, Papyrus, Parrot’s feather, rush, Sweet flag, Thalia, Water clover, Water hyacinth, Water lettuce, Water lily, Water snowflake, Just to name a few MORE…

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