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In the Garden

Blossom-End Rot & Vegetables

Blossom-end rot is a disorder of tomato, squash, pepper, and all other fruiting vegetables. You notice that a dry sunken decay has developed on the blossom end (opposite the stem) of many fruit, especially the first fruit of the season. This is not a pest, parasite or disease process but is a physiological problem caused by a low level of calcium in the fruit itself. MORE…

Here at Father Nature’s we carry a large number of tomato and vegetable varieties. Here is a helpful list of tomato’s. Father Nature’s carries the varieties in bold ,but if your looking for any others give us a call. MORE…

Controlling Weeds In Beds

Use Preen before you see weeds growing in flower beds. Preen stops weed seeds from germinating. It can be used around established plants & transplants.For best results use every 6 weeks until weeds are under control. On Long Island we recommend to start using Preen (April 1st the same time you use your crabgrass preventer on your lawn). MORE…

Organic Plant Fertilizer

Organic gardening has become a growing trend, as more and more people are concerned about conserving the quality of their outdoor environment. But organic growing is a system, and is not just a matter of substituting natural materials for synthetics. Whether on the large scale of the market farmer or the small scale of the backyard gardener, the underlying principles of an organic system are to work within the boundaries of nature to grow healthy food and plants. The system starts with a focus on healthy soil, which supports healthy plants. MORE…

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